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Game Review: Pixy Cubes for a Variety of OT Objectives

Editor’s Note:  This article continues PediaStaff’s review series on several Blue Orange Games for therapy.
by Anne Zachry, PhD., OTR/L
Pixy Cubes is a great game for children ages 6 and up that addresses a variety of skills. It includes 16 colorful geometrically patterned cubes that can be arranged into different mosaic designs and design cards with patterns to copy. I found that the game is appropriate to use with an individual client, as well as a small group. It’s great because there are simple cards to copy with fewer color designs, while others are more complex with more colors and detailed patterns. The basic design cards include the outlines of the cubes, but the more challenging cards do not. It’s also excellent that the game is appropriate for children of different ages and skill levels. An added bonus is that because of its compact size, Pixy Cubes can easily be tossed into a therapy bag. I’ve been using it in therapy for several weeks now, and the kids really seem to enjoy playing.
Here are some of the skills addressed:
Design copy skills– The player copies the example on a design card or an actual example of blocks arranged by the therapist.
Visual memory skills– The player looks at the design on a challenge card for 10 to 20 seconds, then copies the design to the best of their ability without looking back at the card. A timer can be added for a greater challenge.
Creative ability– Players can create their own design for the therapist or peer to copy.
Speed– A design card is placed in front of several players, and they race to see who can copy the design the fastest.
Fine Motor Skills- Manipulating the cubes is great for working on those fine motor skills
Learn More About Pixy Cubes on the Blue Orange Games Website
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