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Gender Differences and Handwriting

[Source:  British Journal of Occupational Therapy via Your Therapy Source]
Previous research has indicated differences in handwriting based on gender such as girls have often been shown to write faster and more legibly both in elementary school and in higher grades.  Although some research on the underlying components of handwriting has been done to determine why these differences may exist, very little has been explored regarding cognitive skills or self awareness.
The British Journal of Occupational Therapy published research examining the handwriting self-awareness and performance of 86 Israeli middle school students, girls and boys, and the relationship between self-awareness and handwriting performance.  A handwriting evaluation assessment was administered along with self-knowledge and on-line awareness questionnaires.  Self-knowledge was defined as “one’s understanding of one’s own cognitive strengths and limitations in different areas of functioning that exist outside the context of a particular task” and on-line awareness was defined as “the ability to monitor, regulate, and evaluate performance of an activity within a specific context”.
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