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Ice Cream Cone Prewriting Practice Freebie

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If you are looking for some quick, multisensory prewriting practice, download this ice cream cone letter freebie from the Ice Cream Multisensory Prewriting Practice packet.  This one-page black and white PDF includes the letters A through L in a dotted font.

Here are a few multisensory activity ideas for the ice cream cone letter freebie:

  1. Tactile Letters – have the child practice putting small glitter glue dots on each letter dot.  Once dry the child can practice tracing over the bumpy letter for additional feedback.  This activity teaches children how to use a proper amount of glue, provides hand strengthening while squeezing the glue and the end result provides multisensory feedback for letter recognition.
  2.  Sensory Bin Letters – cut apart the ice cream cone cards.  Place them face down.  Provide the child with a paper plate with sensory materials on the plate such as colored rice, sprinkles, shaving cream, etc.  The child turns over a card and “writes” the letter with his/her finger on the sensory tray

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