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Motor Skills Affected By Autism

Often, children with autism have difficulties developing motor skills, such as throwing a ball, learning how to write, or running. However, a study published in the journal Autism, suggests that autism itself, not genetics, may be to blame. The research was conducted at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.
Claudia List Hilton, Ph.D., lead researcher of the study, assistant professor in occupational therapy and an instructor in psychiatry, explained:
From our results, it looks like motor impairments may be part of the autism diagnosis, rather than a trait genetically carried in the family. That suggests that motor impairments are a core characteristic of the diagnosis.”
144 children from 67 families, in which at least one child had a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder, in addition to at least one biological sibling in the same age group, were enrolled to participate in the study. 48 of the families had only one child with the disorder, and 29 had two children with the disorder, including six identical twins.
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