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OT Corner: Does Crawling Matter?

[Source:  Mama OT]
In Part 1, I discussed how crawling develops. If you haven’t read Part 1 yet, I strongly suggest you go back and take a look at it by clicking here before continuing with this post. (You’ll get to see some cute baby photos and video clips in that post, too, so that’s a perk!)
Today, in Part 2, I am going to explore the benefits of crawling.
The day a baby learns to crawl marks the beginning of an entirely new chapter in his or her life (and yours). Hello, major exploration. And watch out, choking hazards. If you haven’t baby-proofed yet, now would be the time!
Parents and caregivers get SO EXCITED when their baby learns to crawl, don’t they? You’ve probably seen all the pictures, videos, and proud status updates that parents post on Facebook and Instagram as soon as their little one begins wreaking havoc around the house while maneuvering on all fours, right? (I’ve totally done it too, no judgment here!)
But did you know that when babies crawl, it is not only exciting but also BENEFICIAL to their overall development?
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