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OT Corner: Hidden in Plain Sight – SPD

Editor’s Note:  Thank you to Lindsey Biel for sharing this with us.   Lindsey was interviewed extensively for it and was involved in the program’s development.

[Source:  WFUV an NPR Affiliate]

This documentary is both an exploration and personal account of Sensory Processing Disorder. The experts guided me to a greater understanding of my own affliction. SPD, as it’s abbreviated, is a neurological condition that’s characterized by difficulties in processing sensory information. In layman’s terms, the senses of smell, taste, sound, sight, and touch are all out of whack. And this could include the vestibular and proprioceptive systems, which involve the senses of balance and space respectively. This disorder, like autism (ASD), is a spectrum disorder, meaning no two people with SPD are alike. It affects everyone differently, as each person has their own processing strengths and difficulties.

Listen to Hidden in Plain Sight HERE

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