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OT Corner: Make Way for Indoor Play

[Source:  Playapy]

Generally parents understand the importance of both outdoor and indoor play. Outdoor play has been shown to increase attention span while indoor play encourages more creative flow. However, when I speak with parents regarding their attempts to achieve regular playtime for their children, one of the most stated obstacles to play in general is weather. This is partly due to long standing perceptions that children should “go outside and play.” More than heat or cold, rain is the ultimate downer and leads many to stop movement and start a movie. Most parents don’t think of their home as a playground, but there are simple ways to transform a space for outdoor play while indoors.

Home Recommendations
A little creativity can go a long way in transforming an indoor space for play. You may not be able to fit a swing set inside your home, but you can use your furniture or purchase some inexpensive equipment to allow for big changes in how your child perceives his or her home.

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