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OT Corner: Selecting a Toddler Shoe

11th February, 2015

Editor’s Note: This is an excellent article to share with the parents and guardians of your clients!
[Source:  Pink Oatmeal]
My little guy is a man on the run. His primary mode of “go” is walking.  Up until more recently, I wasn’t too concerned about shoes, he really didn’t wear them that much, only when necessary.    His first pair of shoes were soft soled flexible shoes since he was an emerging/brand new walker.  Times have changed, and we needed a pair of go to shoes with a little more protection against the elements outside of home.


  • It is important they still have very flexible sole to get good input from the ground.  I wanted to be able to pick up the shoe and bend it with ease.
  • Arch support doesn’t matter. The arch doesn’t fully form until around the age of 5 years, so I wasn’t looking for supportive shoes.  There is still a fat pad where the arch will form.  The fat pad starts to get absorbed between 2 to 5 years.

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