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OT Corner: Ten Things You Can Do To Celebrate Occupational Therapy Month

Editor’s Note:  It’s OT Month!  What are YOU doing to celebrate?  Here’s a great list from AOTA.

[Source:  AOTA]

April is National Occupational Therapy Month—an excellent opportunity to showcase the new branding platform, “Occupational Therapy: Living Life To Its Fullest™” as well as your skills, program, or business. If you already have an OT Month plan on the drawing board, that’s great! We encourage you to be creative and consider these ideas if you want to supplement what you’ve already planned.

If you’ve not thought about OT Month yet, we hope you’ll find these activities easy, affordable and effective.

1. Use Social Media

Describe how occupational therapy helps people live life to its fullest on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and other social media forums. Include a link to the Times Square video on YouTube.

2. Look for Opportunities to Interact with Public Audiences

Prepare a talk about how OT helps individuals of all ages live life to its fullest, and offer to deliver an informal speech to community service organizations (i.e., Kiwanis, Rotary Clubs, etc.) or the local PTA. Contact senior centers and offer to make a presentation on topics such as driver safety, managing daily tasks while coping with arthritis, gadgets for ease and safety in the kitchen, or time and energy saving tips. Distribute appropriate handouts, such as AOTA’s consumer tip sheets.

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