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OT Corner: The Hands of an Occupational Therapist

[Source:  The ABC Therapeutics Blog]
When I get home from work I have things to do, like everyone else, and sometimes those things make my hands dirty.  Sometimes it is some minor maintenance on my car, or repairing something in the house, or doing a little gardening.  I know that I have to scrub my hands clean after these activities so that there is no evidence of dirt or paint or grease.  I keep my fingernails very short for precisely this reason.

What would I tell a parent the next day – that I have the residual stain of grease on my hands because I was elbow deep into my engine compartment the night before?  I suspect that most parents would understand, but it would not feel comfortable.  If you work on cars or paint a room you know how difficult it is to remove all traces of those occupations from your hands.
Cultural stereotypes abound surrounding the nature of a person’s hands.  We even have idiomatic language about ‘getting your hands dirty.’  
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