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OT/PT Corner: Are Car Seat Travel Systems Bad for Baby?

24th June, 2014

[Source: Mama OT]
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I am so excited to have pediatric physical therapist Chanda Jothen here today! Chanda has a passion for empowering parents to promote their babies’ physical development. She has some great information to share about how car seat travel systems can influence babies’ health and development. I hope you find it helpful!
As parents we put a great deal of research into finding the best infant car seat and travel system for our babies, and rightfully so. We want the best and safest seat for our babies. Oftentimes parents will decide to buy a travel system package that includes the car seat, base, and baby stroller. With a  travel system parents can snap their baby onto a stroller and go, without ever taking them out of the car seat. The car seat also serves as a baby carrier, so parents can carry their baby in their car seat and place them on a shopping cart or a sling. Just look around Target or a restaurant on any given day and you will see how parents utilize the car seat outside of the car.
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