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Parent/Guardian’s Corner: The Benefits of Board Games

20th September, 2021

Editor’s Note:  This article was written to inspire parents and guardians to use board games at home with their children.  It is an excellent article absolutely worth sharing with your families too!

[Source:  Your Therapy Source]

Have you ever stopped to consider how many benefits of board games there are for children? It is somewhat surprising how a set of simple game board, dice, a deck of cards and tokens can have big effects on the growth of a child. What is more surprising is that, game boards that are designed for entertainment actually help children in their social and educational development. Some game boards are not necessarily but they can be used as tools to teach specific skills.

There are numerous benefits of playing board games. To begin with board games create a reason to gather family or friends together to play. While there are other activities such as playing outside, watching television and eating meals, that can bring friends together, board games have that special capacity to help social connection and encourage fun! Since the aim is not to teach and the setup can be informal, playing board games together does not have to be intimidating or difficult.

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