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Parents’ Corner: A Parent’s Perspective – Chasing Rainbows

Editor’s Note:   This excellent guest post many years ago on Abby Brayton’s blog, OT Cafe.   I felt compelled to share it here.
[Source:  Notes from a OT Cafe]

Our life in five words:  Positive, peaceful, inspiring, unexpected, roller coaster

Four qualities I look for in a therapist:

  1. A connection with Gavin is one of the most important things to me. If he trusts the therapist…if he or she takes the time to learn his favorite songs…if they are patient and meet Gavin where he is…they will get much more out of him.
  2. Unique ideas. I love a therapist who isn’t afraid to try new things. You just never know what Gavin will respond to – some of his best work has come from a therapist taking a risk and trying something new!
  3. That they push him more than I do. I would never have thought that Gavin would have held a marker and used a “Spin and Draw”. I was never so happy to be wrong.
  4. Communication. For the last five years, Gavin has received ALL of his services in my home. I never missed a thing! This year, he started school and his therapists see him there. It’s so important to me to hear from them about how he’s doing. They write in his communication book that goes back and forth…they email me…we talk on the phone…and I was sure to put “consult” in Gavin’s IEP so we have frequent meetings to discuss his therapy activity, progress and goals.

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