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Pediatric Behavioral Corner: The ADHD Blame Game

25th February, 2019



[Source: The Huffington Post]

The first mother to arrive at my office last Tuesday brought me a copy of a New York Times  article regarding ADHD. She said she was both hurt and angry, as the newspaper heavily suggested that most ADHD results from problems with the educational system. She added, “It took me a while to accept ADHD is real (considering what everyone says about it), and if I had seen this article a few months ago, it would have made me doubt myself again.” After reading the Times, she felt she might have skipped getting her son evaluated for ADHD, instead blaming herself and the school system for his academic difficulties.

Meanwhile, her son is thriving this year after diagnosis. “It makes me sad to think of all the parents who might be misled by the article. It seems so reasonable on the surface,” she said. Since October was National ADHD Awareness Month, I thought I’d respond online to this common experience for parents and individuals living with ADHD.

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