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Pediatric Therapy Corner: NBCOT® Clinical Simulation Test Problem

15th December, 2010

By: Alison Bodor, M.S. OTR/L
Clinical Simulation Test Problem
CS questions can be considered a structured format item. That is, they require you to apply your knowledge and information from the previous questions and relate it to the subsequent sections, similar to ordering. However, this ordering relates to the progression of occupational therapy evaluation, treatment, and/or discharge planning pertaining to your specific test problem.
Your CS will begin with an opening scene. This opening scene then leads you to reading the first question. You may select an answer or answers, based on your comprehension of the question, critical reasoning, and knowledge. Once you select an answer, you cannot deselect it. Feedback responses will be listed after you select an answer choice that you can apply to the proceeding sections accordingly.
Recognizing the OT process and understanding the validated domain, task, and knowledge statements aids you in your critical reasoning skills to apply to a clinical simulation test problem. It may sound simple to identify the above, but this is the area most exam candidates may forget to study and apply to their CST problems.
Take a look at the CS example below. This may help you visualize a potential test problem.
Section 1
An OTR is working in a partial hospital program and receives a referral to evaluate a client with a diagnosis of clinical anxiety recently discharged to home from an acute inpatient psychiatric unit. The client has extreme fear of finding and keeping a job due to a recent layoff from her job of 20 years. The client has missed several scheduled interviews, is avoiding family and friends, and has severe worry about the future.
The OTR is completing the occupational profile. Which information is important to include in the occupational profile?
[Image: occupational profile.jpg]
For an official clinical simulation test problem, visit the NBCOT® website. Exam candidates have the opportunity to take a 2-CST problem simulation test for a fee. Your scaled score will be available upon completion of the test.

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