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Private Practice Corner: How Does Your Practice Reflect You?

22nd October, 2014

[Source:  The Burgeoning School Psychologist]
uniqueI am a singer. Not professionally, I just sing all the time. My children will tell you I sing All . The . Time! It’s my thing – I love music. When I’m in my car, I’m that crazy lady who’s doing a full breakdance session in the driver’s seat. When I provided counseling sessions, my students got used to me humming a tune, playing some music, singing down the halls on my way to pick them up. 

In some of my groups, I let the children pick music to listen to – I had rules about explicit stuff and what not. Some days we had jam sessions, other days we just had Jazz in the background. I learned on the days I listened to Jazz that “modern music has words now Ms. S”.

My singing gives me an in with my kiddos at school. Music is the universal language that I find transcends all problems, all cultures, all peoples. It’s a language I speak fluently and its reflective of me in all aspects of my life.

What part of your practice is unique to you?

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