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PT Corner: It Won’t Just Go Away!

18th January, 2023

[Source: The Truth About Tummy Time]

In treating torticollis and plagiocephaly, I speak with a variety of parents who are referred by a variety of pediatricians.  One of the biggest misconceptions I hear is the phrase, “The doctor said she will outgrow it and we shouldn’t worry about it.”  This is not only false but can be detrimental to the development and growth of a child.  In my seventeen years of pediatric practice, I have never seen a problem just go away by ignoring it.  Usually, the problem gets worse and starts to affect different areas. Torticollis is a head tilt or favored head position often due to tight neck muscles. Plagiocephaly is a flattening of the skull in one or more areas.

Speaking specifically about torticollis, if it is ignored, as the child continues to grow it will likely get worse as bone typically grows before muscle.  The bone grows, the muscle gets tighter.  The resulting head tilt can cause issues with the jaw opening and closing which could lead to future TMJ issues.  A head tilt can also cause an altered sense of upright in the inner ear.  If the head is always tilted to one side, the brain resets this plane as horizontal so when the head is actually straight, it will give the sensation of leaning to the opposite side.  This is how habitual torticollis develops.  Along with the inner ear being altered, vision can be adversely affected for the same reasons.  Untreated torticollis can also lead to shoulder issues and the mechanics of the shoulder-neck complex can be compromised as the child grows.  The spine is at increased risk of scoliosis due to the compensation of the rest of the back for the head tilt.  All of these issues can contribute to developmental delay and abnormal movement patterns of a developing child.

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