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Research Finds Inner-Ear Dysfunction is Common to ADHD, Dyslexia and Autism

[Source:  Special Ed Post]


Two recent studies in Pediatrics have shown that ADHD is comorbid with language and anxiety disorders. And prior research has indicated that ADHD, dyslexia or LD and Autism overlap with each other as well as additional impairments involving mood, balance and coordination, etc. Since these combined disorders may affect more than 30% of the population and remain incompletely understood, further clarification is vital to millions of suffering individuals as well as those caring for and treating them.

Dr. Levinson’s almost 5 decades of “highly original” research appears to have made significant advances in clarifying and even treating this overlapping or comorbid phenomena. He demonstrated that a previously hidden common neurophysiological denominator–cerebellar-vestibular (inner-ear) dysfunctioning– silently played a key role in triggering scores of differently named symptoms and disorders. This diagnosable and treatable cerebellar impairment was shown by Levinson to directly cause some disorders (eg. dyslexia, ADHD, phobias, etc.) while indirectly complicating others (autism, cerebral palsy, mental retardation, etc.) having their own major processing impairments.

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