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Rest in Peace, Maurice Sendak, Master of Childhood Imagination and Independence

Illustration: Copyright Maurice Sendak
I was deeply saddened today to hear of the passing of Maurice Sendak who was my all time favorite children’s author.   I even wrote a paper on his work in college for an American Studies Literature class in college.
Sendak was the master of “allowing kids to imagine” and explore their own psyches, and independence, his work was a refreshing departure from other uptight children’s books of his era.   His art was honest and graphic.  When I read his books, I learned that it was “OK to get mad sometimes, and express my feelings.”  This understanding that it was ok to be upset or even to get “pissed-off”  was especially important to me since my parents’ marriage wasn’t good to say the least, and there was a lot of yelling.
Anyway, far be it from me to attempt a grandiose analysis of his work.    Check out these articles on this wonderful writer and illustrator:
Read a Recent Interview with Sendak  ‘Children’s Books Aren’t Wild Enough’

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