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Sensory Corner: Fidget Toys or Focus Tools?

[Source:  Sensory]

by Lindsey Biel,  MA OTR/L

There have been toy fads for decades. From Rubik’s Cubes to Duncan yo-yos, from Slinkys to Tamagotchis, and more recently, app-loaded cell phones and handheld game consoles, these trendy toys are fun, addictive, and increasingly forbidden in most classrooms because they distract students from learning. Now there’s a new craze sweeping the country: fidget spinners. Like their predecessors, they are an entertaining and mesmerizing diversion for most students. To use one, you hold the spinner center between your thumb and a finger and flick the spinner with a finger to start the spinner rotating. Balancing a rotating object requires you to visually monitor it, especially as you figure out

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