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Sensory Corner: Outdoor Montessori Activities for Sensorial

[Source: Carrots Are Orange]

Maria Montessori believed that educating the senses preceded intellectual development. A child’s education of the senses begins at birth. He takes impressions of his world through his senses. Around 2.5 years old he enters a sensitive period for organizing these impressions. Much like the alphabet organizes language, the sensorial work organizes these impressions. This post includes Outdoor Montessori Activities for the Sensorial area of the classroom.
The first phase of sensorial education begins at conception and lasts until 2.5-3 years of age. At this point, the child naturally acquires sensorial impressions from interacting with his environment. These experiences are the first step to begin making sense of his world. The child takes everything in through his senses and, like with language, has an intense desire to create order and make sense of his environment. At first this learning is done unconsciously, but, as the child grows, this learning transitions to conscious learning.

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