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Sensory Corner: Recognizing Tactile Defensiveness in Children

6th May, 2015

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[Source:  ALLterNATIVE Learning]
This is a touchy subject. While it’s literally about touch, it’s also an open letter with my heart in my hands to try explain my childhood to all those who didn’t and still don’t understand. It’s to defend myself as an adult and to not be ashamed that “I am who I am”, and I have learned to cope with my quirks as a part of my every day adult life. And it’s about how it has changed how I parent and view my child’s own behaviors and quirks.
So what am I talking about? Tactile Defensiveness. It’s a long funny name that basically indicates that I have always reacted negatively to textures and other stimuli that would be considered normal to others. The biggest issue being that as a child, I threw tantrums over not wanting to wear buttons on my clothes. To this day, I still don’t own clothes with those small plastic buttons and neither do my children (because I am the one dressing them).
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