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Sensory Corner: Tips for Going Places With Sensory-Challenged Kids

Editor’s Note:  Thanks to Lindsey Biel of (  and www. for recommending this article.  It is an excellent one to give to the parents/guardians of your clients with sensory issues.
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By Rae Jacobson
One of the challenges of raising kids with sensory processing issues is that outings, even ones that promise a lot of fun, can easily turn into nightmares if kids find themselves in surprising or overwhelming situations.
A child who is oversensitive to stimulation can find an ordinary supermarket or restaurant unbearable because of noise, bright lighting, or crowds. But even an excursion that’s kid friendly—a trip to the ice cream store—can induce a meltdown if the child hasn’t had time to adjust to the idea.
That’s why planning and preparation are key to going places with sensory-challenged kids. Here are some tips (tested by experts and moms!) to help you get going and allow everyone to have a good time.
Give lots of warning
Unexpected transitions and novel sensory environments can turn going out into a meltdown minefield for kids with sensory processing issues.
Why are these kids so easily upset by changes in routine? Lindsey Biel, a pediatric occupational therapist who specializes in sensory processing challenges, explains that kids who are not getting optimal and reliable information from their senses often feel uncomfortable and out of control. Predictability allows them to feel more secure. Changes in routine threaten that sense of security, and can trigger meltdowns.
To make outings easier, start by creating a clear, reliable schedule, so everyone knows what to expect and when.
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Lindsey Biel (featured in this article) is the Author of Sensory Processing Challenges: Effective Clinical Work with Kids & Teens.  She is also the Co-author of Raising a Sensory Smart Child, foreword by Temple Grandin
You can learn more about Lindsey Biel’s work at www.

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