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Study Provides Good Scientific Validation that Exercise Improves School Performance For Kids With ADHD

17th October, 2012

Editor’s Note:  This is an excellent study to print and distribute to the parents and guardians of your kiddos with ADHD.   While the results of this study are probably pretty obvious to our OT readers, it is solid scientific evidence of what many of you have been advocating all along.

[Source:  Medical News Today]
The finding, published in the Journal of Pediatrics, came from a team of experts at Michigan State University who have demonstrated for the first time that kids with ADHD can focus better and become less distracted after a quick session of exercise. This is significant because “inhibitory control” is the biggest struggle people with the disorder have to deal with.
Matthew Pontifex, MSU assistant professor of kinesiology, and lead researcher, explained: “This provides some very early evidence that exercise might be a tool in our nonpharmaceutical treatment of ADHD. Maybe our first course of action that we would recommend to developmental psychologists would be to increase children’s physical activity.”
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