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Teaching Kids with Special Needs How To Dress Appropriately for the Weather

31st December, 2013

by Dr. Anne Zachry OTR/L
Picking out the appropriate clothing for a child can be a challenge, especially for those who have  can difficulty understanding cold vs. hot and rainy vs. sunny. A student that I see for therapy uses this nifty worksheet, and it has proven to be very effective. If you’re child is struggling when picking out appropriate clothes for the weather, try having him fill out this worksheet every evening before bed and pick out his clothes for the next day. For younger children, add some fun by including a sunny/snowy/rainy coloring sheet, depending on the weather forecast.
Today the temperature high was_____________________.
The temperature now is________________________.

The weather today way:
                                      rainy   sunny  cloudy   snowing    windy
                                                             (Circle all that apply)

Tomorrow the temperature high will be_________________
and the temperature low will be__________________.

The weather forecast for tomorrow is:
                                  Rainy    sunny cloudy    snowing    windy
                                   (Circle what the weather may be)

Tomorrow I will wear a:
Short sleeved shirt  Long sleeved shirt   Sweater Sweatshirt
Jeans       Pants         Shorts          Athletic pants
Tennis shoes          Sandals         Boots
Jacket       Heavy coat        Raincoat        Umbrella

        (Circle the items you will wear tomorrow)

I will wear this because the weather tomorrow will be:
Hot        Warm          Cold            Cool
Now I will pick out my clothes for tomorrow!
Featured Contributor: Dr. Anne Zachry, OTR/L PhD
Dr. Anne Zachry is an Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy at The University of Tennessee Health Science Center. She has over 20 years experience providing quality OT to children along with caregiver instruction and support. She is the author of “Retro Baby: Cut Back on all the Gear and Boost Your Baby’s Development with over 100 Time-Tested Activities,” a parenting book published by the American Academy of Pediatrics.
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