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The 3rd Annual Great Bike Giveaway – Special Bikes for Special Kids

[Source: Friendship Circle]
greatbikegiveawayFor the third consecutive year Friendship Circle is holding the Michaela Noam Kaplan Great Bike Giveaway,  a national contest giving away adaptive bikes to children with special needs. We are partnering with adaptive bike companies from around the United States to provide some of the best adaptive bikes to the children and young adults who need them most.
Providing adaptive bikes to children with special needs gives them more than just a good time and exercise. These bikes enable a child with special needs to feel like they belong. It gives them a sense of confidence, freedom, and pride that is so essential for all children.  Over the past two years we have thankfully found many willing partners who have helped make the dream of owning a special bike possible for many special needs families. Please join us in 2014 to give this essential gift to even more children with special needs.
The Michaela Noam Kaplan Great Bike Giveaway will be hosted on  Each style of adaptive bike will have its own dedicated contest page. Visitors can view the  dierent types of adaptive bikes available, decide which bike will best t their child’s needs and enter that contest. Users can only enter to win one bike.
The bike pages have a space where users can enter the contest. Submit a picture of their child with special needs along with a short explanation of why their child needs an adaptive bike.   Each bike contest starts with two bikes to be given away. Visitors can donate with the proceeds going towards adding more bikes into the Great Bike Giveaway. This increases the chances of each child that has been entered in the contest.
There are two ways a child can win:  the Bike Raffle or by Most Votes.    Each submission must be nominated by 50 friends and family members to be eligible to win a bike.   One bike in each contest will be given away to the entry with the most nominations.
By asking people for nominations, participants will draw more visitors to the Great Bike Giveaway Contest and increase the amount of donations. This in-turn will add more bikes to the raffless and give more children with special needs a chance to win an adaptive.
At the close of the contest the entry with the most nominations in each bike contest will win a bike. A drawing will be held to determine the winners of the remaining adaptive bikes in each contest.
To Learn More, Visit the Great Bike Giveaway!!  

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