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Worth Repeating: Cooperative Learning from a Student's Point of View

Editor’s Note:  Here is an interesting article that your colleagues teaching in classrooms might find worthwhile – group projects from the point of view of a kid with ADHD
by Lucy Lynette

I don’t remember any of the content from my 9th grade history class. I couldn’t tell you a single thing we were taught or put my finger on any of the events, dates, or people we studied; what I can remember though is the educational horror that was “cooperative learning”
I’m aware that most educators these days are familiar with this teaching method but for those of you outside the educational world, let me give you a little overview: the concept is to get kids to interact with their peers and think outside the box by giving them countless group activities and constantly putting them in front of the class to do “creative presentations.” Sounds great, right? Wrong. Let me give you a student perspective.
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