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Worth Repeating: Holiday Craft Ideas for Your Child with Fine Motor Impairment

[Source:  The Complex Child]
Kids love crafts, and your child with fine motor impairment is no different.  It is definitely possible to do crafts with your child, even if he has no use of his hands.  All it takes is a little ingenuity!
FIRST:  Get the right pair of scissors:    Some of you are thinking, “My child does not even have hands!  How can she use scissors?”  I can guarantee you that there is a pair of scissors that is right for every child.
For children with the most severe impairments, you need a little bit of equipment and some creativity.  First off, consider a switch-adapted pair.  Two styles are available, including an inexpensive one from Ablenet and another from Enabling Devices that is premounted.  Simply attach any switch–including a headswitch or a twitch switch–to the jack and you are ready to cut!
It is also possible to use a regular commercial pair of electric scissors.  If you have a Powerlink or other environmental control device that allows you to plug something in to it, all you will need is a pair of electric scissors with a plug.  These are unfortunately now very difficult to find, but you may be able to get an older one off of Ebay.  We have an old Dritz pair from about the 1970s that works great as long as you tape the on-switch down.  Simply plug the scissors into the environmental control unit, attach a switch, and you have switch-operated scissors!
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