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Worth Repeating: Treating Sleep Disruption in People with Down Syndrome

[Source:  Special Ed Post]

by Jamie Edgin and Lynn Nadel
The Down Syndrome Research Group at the University of Arizona conducts research to further our understanding and treatment of the cognitive dysfunction associated with Down syndrome.
Part of our research studies sleep, which is very important for learning. Sleep can be a problem for people with Down syndrome. Our laboratory is one of the few places in the world that studies sleep in people with Down syndrome.
One of our studies may determine how obstructive sleep apnea affects learning and behavior in people with Down syndrome. We anticipate illuminating links between sleep and cognitive deficits, thereby enhancing the possibilities for treating sleep disruption.
Our study has also had an impact on the public’s awareness that people with Down syndrome may have problems sleeping. We offered a family in Phoenix an opportunity for their son to take part in the sleep study. As a result, he is now receiving treatment that has changed his life.
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