PT Corner: 5 Gross Motor Activities to Help with Dressing Skills

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Gross motor activities that focus on postural control, trunk rotation, bilateral coordination, eye hand coordination,motor planning and balance skills are beneficial when it comes to developing independence with dressing. Here are 5 suggested activities:

  1.  Play games where the child has to reach outside of his/her base of support without falling over. Practice in sitting or standing depending upon the child’s skill level. For example, try batting a balloon in the air with your hands but do not move your feet. The child will be practicing trunk rotation, eye hand coordination skills and balance skills.
  2. Squatting activities while the child is holding an object. Put a hula hoop on the floor. Can the child squat down, pick up the hula hoop and reach it overhead? Put it back on the floor in front of the child and repeat. Can you get across the whole room only stepping in the hula hoop? Roll a large ball to the child. The child can squat down, pick it up with two hands and push it back.

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