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Physical or Occupational Therapy Self Regulation Activities

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If you work with young children, then you will want to read these easy to play self regulation games for children.  These six games provide great suggestions for physical or occupational therapy self regulation activities and require no equipment!  We all love activities that do need any preparation or equipment.

Research Based Self-Regulation Activities

previous article discussed research on self regulation in children as a predictor of academic abilities. The researchers, Megan McClelland, Ph.D., Associate Professor Human Development and Family Sciences, and her student, Shauna Tominey, have allowed us to share the self-regulation activities that they are working on developing to facilitate these skills. The self-regulation activities are still being developed and are currently being tested for their effectiveness in improving self-regulation. Thus, there are not any definitive claims about the effectiveness of the games in improving self-regulation at this point. Thank you very much to Dr. Megan McClelland and Shauna Tominey for sharing this resource!

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