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School Nurse Corner: Talking to Teens About Risky Behaviors

[Source:  School-Based Health Alliance]


Dr. Jennifer Salerno has learned a lot about connecting with teens through her clinical work as a nurse practitioner in school-based health centers (SBHCs). She’s created trainings and online content to help professionals talk to teens and help them make healthier decisions. And, after her trainings, she kept hearing a consistent piece of feedback: this will help me with my own kids!

There’s not a lot out there for parents

While there are many books on parenting, there hasn’t been a guide to navigate parents through common scenarios and help them build relationships with their teenagers. Teen Speak—which was released on September 6—is filling that gap by providing a road map to start conversations with teens. Sprinkled throughout the book are real-world examples and sample responses to common that can help support positive change and safer decision-making.

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