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PT Corner: Dynamic Core for Kids Q&A: Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD)

[Source:  HeartSpace PT Blog]
Here’s another Q & A regarding our Dynamic Core for Kids approach to central stability in children:
Q: I work on a diagnostic team and unfortunately have no opportunity to implement the (Dynamic Core for Kids) strategies with my kids over time. Presently, we are being confronted with many kids for whom the question is DCD, but they are very weak and in my view, they lack the foundation from which to refine and coordinate movement. Do you have a perspective on this question? Can clumsiness = “DCD”, when foundational power is lacking?
A:  That’s a really interesting question and my answer would be yes and no  Recently there was a study regarding push off power and increased hip flexion in boys with DCD.   I was disappointed that the study only looked at distal alignment issues and didn’t include any comment on the trunk alignment or activation because all of the children I have seen with DCD have significant alignment issues at pelvis and rib cage. When I treat proximal alignment and inner core/outer core recruitment and timing (the foundation of the Dynamic Core for Kids approach), the distal issues are significantly positively impacted. So yes, I totally agree with you that the presence of central stability affects the activation and timing of recruitment of the postural synergists and distal musculature, which are
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