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Gross Motor Deficits and Fetal Alcohol Exposure

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Pediatrics published research a systemic review of 2881 articles consisting of observational studies including children aged 0 to ≤18 years with (1) a fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) diagnosis or moderate to heavy prenatal alcohol exposure (PAE), or a mother with confirmed alcohol dependency or binge drinking during pregnancy, and (2) gross motor outcomes obtained by using a standardized assessment tool. Only 14 of the studies met the systemic review inclusion criteria. The subjects’ mean age ranged from 3 days to 13 years.
The following results were found:
1.  a significant association between a diagnosis of FASD or moderate to heavy PAE and GM impairment.
2.  Gross motor deficits were found in balance, coordination, and ball skills.
There was insufficient data to determine prevalence.
The researchers concluded that the significant results suggest evaluation of gross motor proficiency should be a standard component of multidisciplinary FASD diagnostic services.
Reference: Review Article: Gross Motor Deficits in Children Prenatally Exposed to Alcohol: A Meta-analysis Barbara R. Lucas, Jane Latimer, Rafael Z. Pinto, Manuela L. Ferreira, Robyn Doney, Mandy Lau, Taryn Jones, Danielle Dries, and Elizabeth J. Elliott
Pediatrics 2014; 134:1 e192-e209; published ahead of print June 9, 2014, doi:10.1542/peds.2013-3733
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