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PT Corner: Using A Walker To Improve Balance

[Source: Starfish Therapies]

We have a young man who has been working on walking his whole life. Recently due to growth spurts and other factors, he’s become more fearful of falling and having even more trouble with his balance when he walks. Using a walker has not been something he is interested in, and his parents have been reluctant as well. However, due to the challenges he’s been having with walking, his parents are more open to the idea, and we have slowly been introducing it and talking up the benefits so that he is interested as well.

Well, I was lucky enough to work with him the other day. I mainly do coverage these days so I always joke that I get to be the fun aunt that swoops in and ‘breaks all the rules’ which the kids find hysterical. They love to think they are pulling a fast one on their therapist, even though we are really working on the plan of care that their therapist established! So

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