School Nurse Corner: Why Did Evan Stop Growing? A Crohn’s Disease Story

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[Source:  The Washington Post]

Why is he so tired, Jackie Mann wondered, not for the first time, as Evan, the middle of her three children, wandered off to his bedroom to take an after-school nap.

Small for his age, the 12-year-old seemed to fall asleep easily and anywhere: in the car on the way to soccer or gymnastics, on the afternoons he came straight home from school, while doing his homework and, once, while waiting to see the pediatrician.

But his parents noticed that Evan seemed decidedly more energetic on the weekends in the semirural community outside Oakland, Calif., where the family lives. Then he went fishing, hunting and hiking with little difficulty.

“We just kind of thought he was faking it,” said Mann, recalling the discussions she and her husband, an orthopedic surgeon, had about Evan beginning in 2010. “He would step it up with his friends.”

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