School Psych Corner: Making Simple Games for Social Emotional Learning

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dontbreaktheiceHere is a great blog, recommended by NASP!!

[Source: Kristina Sargent – the Art of Social Work]

Here are a couple simple and easy to make therapeutic board games. These are also games you can find at your local second hand toy shop. 🙂

Don’t Break the Ice- anger management style Simply write some prompts using permanent marker on about 1/3 of the ice cubes. I wrote things like, “practice taking three breaths,” “talk about a time you calmed down safely,” “name something that helps you feel safe,” “talk about what makes you angry,” etc. Also, a way to engage children and build rapport is to ask them to help you add a question to the game! It can be written in permanent marker if relevant to use again with other children or you can use dry erase markers to make the questions unique and relevant to the individual child. When an ice block with a question or prompt is

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