Seasonal (Interdisciplinary) Activity of the Week: SOUND-Flakes!

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Editor’s Note:   As you know, we are really getting “into” Instagram for its ability to “paint a thousand words” with just a single image.   I was browsing the PediaStaff Instagram feed and saw this gem.  I messaged Amy through her post and asked her if we might feature it as an “activity of the week.”   She agreed, and now you have it — SOUND-flakes!

by Amy Tirado, MS CCC-SLP TSSLD

The past couple of weeks, I have been working on phonemic awareness with my middle school students in order to strengthen their decoding and spelling skills.  This week as a review, I had students create snowflakes following some simple directions (a great activity to also help work on OT skills).  Once they created their snowflakes, students were instructed to generate words containing different letter-sound correspondences such as; consonants, consonant blends, consonant digraphs, short/long vowels, r- & l- controlled vowels, and vowel digraphs. For example, in a consonant digraph soundflake, students wrote consonant digraphs (wr, th, ch, sh, kn, tch, nk, ph) and then generated words that contained these digraphs (wrench, cheer, theme, batch, thank, cellphone). This activity is great for reviewing skills and helps make your speech room festive during the holiday/winter season

Thanks so much to Amy for contributing this idea.  

Do you have a great therapy idea you would like to share?   Take a picture and send it to us at heidi at pediastaff dot com.   We love featuring all your creative ideas! 


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