Sensory Behavior Checklist

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If you are a school-based Occupational Therapist, teacher, or a parent of a child with sensory processing difficulties, then you often ponder the question when a child “misbehaves” was it due to sensory concerns or behavior.  This FREE sensory versus behavior checklist can act as a guide when you observe a child’s behavior (download at the bottom of the post).

Unfortunately, there is no easy answer.  We all know that every child can act differently in various situations.  But we can determine patterns and look closely to see what might have occurred before, during and after to help develop an action plan.

We all wish there was a quick fix.  That it would be as simple as “Johnny seems to be “melting down” during circle time – here is a therapy ball to sit on” and magically Johnny no longer melts down during circle time.

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