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Sensory Corner: Strategies for Wearing Masks during the Pandemic

[Source: Sensory Smarts]

by Lindsey Biel

The COVID-19 pandemic is disorienting and scary for all of us. It has been a marvel for me as an occupational therapist to see how well so many of my clients —children, teens, and adults alike — have coped with this surreal disruption of daily routines.
 As we adjust to the “new normal” many are still learning to take the proactive steps needed to protect the safety of themselves and others: washing hands frequently, physically distancing, and wearing a mask.

Wearing a mask has been especially difficult for people with sensory challenges who struggle with certain textures, tags, seams, and other tactile sensations. What’s more, some people with processing difficulties rely on facial cues to help them understand what a person is saying and to identify the person. This makes wearing a mask or sometimes just seeing someone with a covered nose and mouth unpleasant, distressing, or downright intolerable.

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