Significant Insights Into Common Form of Autism: Study Identifies Genetic Connections in 15q Duplication Syndrome

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[Source:  Science Daily]

A new study published in the March issue of Autism Research from the University of Tennessee Health Science Center and Le Bonheur researchers is making the genetic connections between autism and Chromosome 15q Duplication Syndrome (Dup15q).

The Memphis researchers determined that the maternally derived or inherited duplication of the region inclusive of the UBE3A gene (also known as the Angelman/Prader-Willi syndrome locus) are sufficient to produce a phenotype on the autism spectrum in all ten maternal duplication subjects. The number of subjects was too small to determine if parental duplications do not cause autism. The team assembled the largest single cohort of interstitial 15q duplication subjects for phenotype/genotype analysis of the autism component of the syndrome.

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