SLP Corner: Creative Fluency Therapy to Boost Self-Confidence in Students Who Stutter

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[Source: The Bilinguistics Blog]

by Maria Mitidieri

I recently had the unique opportunity to have two students with moderate-to-severe stuttering admitted onto my caseload within a month of each other. These students were both boys of the same age and grade who had never received fluency therapy before. I believed that because they were in speech together and had so many similarities that they would accelerate through the first stages of fluency therapy.

The students watched and listened to videos of children who stuttered so they could hear different stories and feelings about stuttering, and also practice identifying stuttering moments.  Despite this exposure to other children who stutter, their self-consciousness about stuttering still appeared to limit their progress. They continued to avoid eye contact, put their hands in front of their faces, and use quiet voices when they spoke, often refusing to verbalize and take ownership of their stuttering.

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