SLP Corner: Virtual Field Trips in Speech Therapy

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[Source:  The Speech Bubble SLP]

Speech has always been a fun place for our kids. We get hands on, we play games ( with a purpose 😉), we build skills through so many different ways. Sometimes our kids, as well as us, need a change though, so why not a field trip?!

A virtual field trip lets you shake things up without having to file a bunch of forms and collect permission slips. They are fantastic for in the speech room and or distance learning. This is also a fabulous way to provide some exposure to topics that perhaps some of our kids may never have had. This can help a child start to build some background knowledge in an area which we know is soooo important. It is key to remember that many of our kids have not had the experience of going to the zoo or seeing a shark at the aquarium. Doing a virtual field trip offers these experiences in a different way.

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