SLP Corner: You Say…At the Holidays Freebie

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[Source:  Activity Tailor]

One of the most unnerving parent things I’ve done is teach a child to drive. You are suddenly aware of all the hazards you could hit (cones, curbs, pedestrians) as well as all of those that could hit you (crazy minivan mom, other new drivers near the high school).  I found myself talking in a constant stream of consciousness, “I’m watching that car at the next intersection and checking that they don’t pull out suddenly. I’m thinking we should get over a lane so we can take the next left at the light. I can see that the vehicles ahead have their brake lights on so I’m anticipating we’ll need to start slowing down too….”

Of course when you start, you start in a parking lot so they can get acclimated to what’s going on and get a feel for what it’s like. Then you head out on less trafficked roads. The highway comes quite a bit later.

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