SLP Game Review: Pass the Pigs (No, For Real)

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Editor’s Note:  Jenn Alcorn is one of my favorite SLPs (and people – but that is not relevant here) EVER.  She is creative, crazy and fun (like her blog’s namesake).  If she says this is a great game for speech, then you need to try it!!  

[Source: Crazy Speech World]


People who come up with dumb stuff that entertains kids should be given more than my money.  There should be awards.  Really awesome awards.  And this one just might take the cake…

Pigs.  Teeny tiny cutie piggies.  Don’t call me crazy.  The kids go completely bananas for these little pigs and will beg me to play.  They will do anything I say.  And that, my friends, is therapy gold.

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One Response to SLP Game Review: Pass the Pigs (No, For Real)

  1. Anna says:

    I use these all the time! For artic they kids roll the pigs on a super duper artic sheet and says the word(s) they land on, also can say “the pig eats the ____” or “pigs don’t eat a bike” “pigs do eat a cake”. For possessive each thing belongs to the pigs “this is the pig’s couch.” Also great for following directions. And of course as just a regular old reinforcer for every few responses.