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24 Conversation Starters for Talking With Your Tween About Their Day

Editor’s Note:  We love these.  I am sure Christie wrote these with moody pre-teens in mind, but I think they are great for kids of all ages!

[Source: Childhood 101]

When she was younger our 10-year-old was a chatterbox, eager to share the stories of her day. Nowadays, she would rather get lost in the quiet pages of a good book than talk to me after a busy day at school, and so I bide my time until she is ready to tell me how she went with her day at school. But you know, I’d do almost anything to get back to those days of continual chatter.

Over the years, I’ve learned some valuable lessons in initiating a post-school conversation with my tween that are more likely to increase my success rate on any give day when combined with some tween specific conversation starters. I hope you find them helpful.

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