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25+ Dinosaur Themed Resources for Speech and Language Therapy

[Source: The Budget SLP]

Dinosaurs is a theme in our early childhood special education curriculum and a colleague recently asked me for some speech and language therapy ideas. The dinosaur theme is one that students always enjoy and there are so many great resources for speech-language therapy on the Internet.

Pteranodon, Alamosaurus, Yangchuanosaurus, Dimetrodon, Brachiosaurus, Zhejiangopterus, Ankylosaurus, and Zigongosaurus!  Definitely a good way to practice multisyllabic words and /r/ and /s/ sounds. Check out the Field Guide at Dinosaur Train on the PBS website. Learn how to pronounce all of those dinosaur names and know your dinosaur facts before beginning therapy sessions.  And, while you are at the site, look at the games and videos.

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