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31 Days of Pumpkin Activities on Instagram

[Source:  I Can Teach My Child]

Lately it seems like the only time I blog is when I am in a 31 Day Series.  We have done 31 Days of Indoor Activities for Toddlers31 Days of Outdoor Activities for Toddlers and now 31 Days of Pumpkin Activities.  Since my daughter started preschool this year, I am resigning myself to the fact that I have no more toddlers in my house :(.  So this series is just a generic “all ages” series with anything that involves pumpkins!

I have to be honest…I LOVE fall but Halloween is FAR from my favorite holiday.  If it wasn’t for the cute costumes and getting to see my neighbors while we trick-or-treat, I would almost be tempted to skip it altogether.  Thankfully, pumpkins and harvest-themes work just as well as all that scary stuff.  You won’t find anything scary on this site (nor will there be any ghost or witch activities), but you will find tons and tons of activities with leaves and pumpkins!

Visit I Can Teach My Child on Instagram for 31 Days of Pumpkin Activities 

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