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A Timeline For Job Hunting Success

1st January, 2010

For New and Upcoming Graduates

Editor’s Note: This document is part of the “PediaStaff Career Guide.  To read the rest of this document, click HERE
We’re sure you’ve heard the old adage that “Timing is Everything!” This has never been truer than as you take the next step toward becoming a Pediatric/School Based Therapist or Assistant. Your first job search as a therapist is important to you….and that makes it important to us as well!
To help you, PediaStaff would like to provide you with a “road map to success”. It’s really not that hard if you have the proper direction. So let’s get started:
At the Beginning of Your Degree Program:

  • Visit to register with us and familiarize yourself with our large library of online resources, articles and so on.
  • Subscribe to the PediaStaff blog and to both the weekly and monthly PediaStaff Newsletters – they contain information-packed articles, current news items, therapy ideas, resources, videos and more – by leading therapists, organizations, bloggers, and other experts.
  • Begin preparing your professional resume. List all pertinent class work, projects, awards, publications, and workshops you’ve attended. Also include para-professional employment and volunteer work if applicable. Use bullet format please. This is a work in progress!
  • At PediaStaff, we are not fond of “Don’ts.” So here are a few “Do’s” for you to consider when beginning your search:
  • Do post your resume…but limit where and how many…YOU take control of your job search.
  • Do choose your recruiter carefully…the right one is your “best friend and ally” in your search.
  • Do stay focused on what’s important now….your clinical experience and preparing for your professional exam.

In the Final Year of Your Degree Program (6 months from graduation):

  • Continue working on items in the section above.
  • Begin the process of identifying your location preferences and communicate them to your PediaStaff recruiter.
  • Set up a new email account with a major email provider such as Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail that is separate from your “.edu” account at school. University email addresses are only temporary for while you are a student, and are often aggressively filtered such that the system might think an employer email is spam. Keep it professional! (For example: [email protected], or [email protected])
  • Update your resume. Include all clinical work…quantify whenever possible (worked with 8 students at John Jay Elementary School…list diagnoses and treatment used.)
  • Take a minute and go back to and update your information; address, phone, email, etc.

Three Months from Graduation – During your Clinical Fieldwork

  • Same as above. Begin to narrow down your setting preference.
  • Definitely connect with your PediaStaff recruiter in your area to discuss job prospects – we can customize a search just for YOU…..these would be new opportunities NOT listed on our Website currently.
  • Establish and convey your availability for phone and face-to-face interviews to your PediaStaff recruiter(s)

Two Months from Graduation

  • Schedule your professional exam ((this would be the Praxis, Praxis II, NBCOT, NPTE), if you have not already done so.
  • Make sure you update your resume to include clinical affiliations and send to your PediaStaff recruiter.
  • Develop a reference list – Ask your references for permission so they know you’re listing them, and ask each for a written reference, these are sometimes helpful.
  • Continue search process with your recruiter and check regularly to see where new jobs are located.
  • Build a schedule of available times for phone interviews and visits with prospective

One Month from Graduation (Oh my Goodness, it’s Getting Close!)

  • Continue to conduct interviews as needed.
  • Begin licensure research, review requirements for the state(s) you are interested in.
  • Develop plans for relocation (if necessary).
  • Finalize your resume with graduation, professional exam results, and any articles published or continuing education taken.
  • You should be in weekly contact with your PediaStaff Recruiter.
  • Be sure to have your relocation plans in place to include cost of relocation.

We highly encourage you to plan for some down time for yourself! It is important for you to begin your new career rested, refreshed, and ready to tackle the challenge ahead!
Pass it on! We need your help in spreading the word to new therapists and your school’s career counselors. Please feel free to share this Game Plan for Success. You can even refer your therapist friends to PediaStaff. If we find a job for someone you send us, we’ll give you a referral bonus!
Please call our Career Services Team with any questions ….1-866-733-4278

PediaStaff hires pediatric and school-based professionals nationwide for contract assignments of 2 to 12 months. We also help clinics, hospitals, schools, and home health agencies to find and hire these professionals directly. We work with Speech-Language Pathologists, Occupational and Physical Therapists, School Psychologists, and others in pediatric therapy and education.


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