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Activities, Games and Ideas for Articulation Therapy – Ideas of the Week

[Source: Speech Therapy Ideas]

  • HIDE & SEEK: Clinician hides the cards and the client finds them, says them each using good sounds.
  • MYSTERY PICK: Clinician chooses a winning card, places the card back in the deck, shuffles and fans the cards out. Clients take turns selecting cards, saying the word on the card. The one who picks the winning card gets a sticker.
  • BEAN BAG TOSS: Place the cards in a row on the floor. Select a winning card. Have client stand a few feet back and try to toss the bag on the winning card. The client must say the word on the card that the bag lands on.
  • FISHING FOR WORDS OR NUMBERS: You can do this two ways. Either use a fishing pole with a magnet to pick up cards with paper clips attached, or use the pole to pick up fish with numbers on them. The number indicates how many words they have to say.
  • RACE FOR CANDIES: Turn artic cards upside down in 1 row per player. The clients have to turn over a card, say the word correctly and move to the next card. If they misarticulate they have to stop and repeat the word until they get it right. At the end of the rows of cards is a prize, such as candy or a sticker.
  • GUESS WHAT!: Cover an artic card with a plain index card and slowly unveil it. The client has to guess (and correctly articulate the word) before the picture is totally revealed.
  • PICK 2: The client selects 2 cards from the deck at random and has to put both in 1 sentence that makes sense and with correct articulation.
  • ARTICU-BOWL: Attach cards to bowling pins and have the client bowl over the pins. As s/he picks the pins up, s/he must correctly articulate each word attached to the pins.
  • MEMORY LINE-UP: Place 3, 4, 5 cards in a row, have the client say the words, then close his/her eyes while you switch the order. S/he must put them back in order and say them again.
  • ARTIC AIM: Use a gun that shoots spinners (plastic ones are about a dollar at major discount stores) to try and hit a card. The client has to correctly articulate the one s/he is aiming for and then hits.
    in order and say them again.
  • TWISTER ARTIC: Toss several artic cards in the air. Instruct the client to place as many body parts (elbows, hands, fingers, nose, etc) on as many cards as s/he can. S/he must say each one that s/he touches.
    in order and say them again.
  • PICTURE GUESS: Two teams take turns selecting a card from the deck and then drawing the picture. The other team must try to guess what the target word is and correctly articulate it.
  • PSYCHIC ARTIC: Show clients 2 or 3 cards, shuffle these and pass them out. They each must each take turns trying to guess which card you or the other players have. (this can be a good language-naming game too)

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